New Multimedia and Imaging Features in LEADTOOLS Version 19

LEADTOOLS Version 19 is here! In case you missed it yesterday, we talked about all the new Medical Imaging features in Version 19. To learn more about all the new features in Version 19, check out the full list.

Today, we will dive into the Multimedia and Imaging technology in LEADTOOLS 19, which is headlined by the new H.265 Codec and HTML5 Web Scanning.


  • New H.265 codec
  • Play and convert MPEG-2 Transport files with multiple programs
  • Improved playback quality for H.264
  • Added H.264 support to DICOM Reader and Writer filters
  • Added support for creating chapter markers in MP4 files
  • Increased DVR buffer limit to over 1TB
  • Improved memory management for when saving large files
  • Enhanced multiple monitor capture support in the Screen Capture Filter
  • Text overlay filter now supports text with multiple fonts
  • Added support for preserving aspect ratio in videos with non-square pixels

Click here for more information on all features within the LEADTOOLS Multimedia Imaging Engine.


  • Scan with TWAIN from the web
  • New File Formats
    • MSG
    • PST
    • EML
    • DNG
  • Improved paint performance for WinForms and JavaScript
  • Added support for new drawing engines including GDI/GDI+, SVG and XAML
  • WinRT and Windows Phone supports version 8.1

Click here for more information on all features within the LEADTOOLS Imaging Engine.

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