A Sneak Peek at What’s Coming for HTML5…

Back in May, LEAD released its first HTML5 toolkit. While some releases add to or optimize existing products, this release featured a completely new SDK, which has generated a lot of excitement. HTML5 has been a hot topic in the developer community, so we were anxious to provide a toolkit that leveraged our many years of imaging development experience for the HTML and JavaScript community. From the beta program to the official release, our HTML5 SDK has had an overwhelming amount of interest. This interest has generated a lot of incredible feedback, which we have used to improve on the initial release.

I sat in on an engineering meeting today and was able to get a sneak peek of what’s coming in the next week or two. Whether you are designing a mobile friendly PACS client, a document imaging application, or a basic image viewer, the next update will have something for you. The list was pretty long, so I’ve hand-picked a few of the best features and updates coming in the next week or so.

General Image Viewer

  • Scroll and mouse button support for the viewer
  • Scale-to-gray interpolation when resizing an image
  • Client side save support to PNG
  • Drag/Drop support
  • Large image support

Medical Viewer

  • Cine playback support
  • Window level speed enhancements
  • Signed image support
  • Modality, linear modality, VOI, and linear VOI LUT support
  • Min/Max bit, high bit, and bits allocated support
  • Custom palette for window level
  • Gesture sensitivity support for window level
  • Option to reset the window level to original values
  • Photometric interpretation support
  • Role management support
  • Session timeout support
  • Mechanism to control the number of concurrent sessions
As you can see, we have packed quite a bit into this next release planned. There are even more features planned for later this summer. Stay tuned for more updates, videos and release dates.

UPDATE: This update has been released and is now available for download!

Otis Goodwin

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2 Responses to A Sneak Peek at What’s Coming for HTML5…

  1. sathesh says:


    I”m just evaluating your sdk, we are in process of developing a web based dicom viewer, one of our requirement is to have multi window view(grid layout), Does the html5 medical viewer support multi cell view like in desktop viewers?


    • Otis says:


      We are currently working on an update to the HTML5 Medical Web Viewer which includes layout support. This includes the ability to specify custom row/column layouts, cell sizing, and other features found in our Winforms control. We expect to have a live demo available within a week or so and it will be included in the shipping toolkit soon after. We will post updates to our blog as soon as these updates are available.

      Otis Goodwin

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