New HTML5 Zero Footprint DICOM Viewer Enhancements

HTML5 DICOM Viewer Series Layout with multiple cells and Timeline
It’s been a busy week here at LEAD Technologies. After releasing a beta program for our new WinRT SDK last Thursday, we have another major product update announcement regarding our HTML5 Zero Footprint DICOM Viewer.

The HTML5 Medical Viewer keeps getting better and better. The addition configurable layouts for multiple studies and series is the most impressive addition from this update. Combined with DICOM Cine, Waveform, drag and drop and a study timeline, the LEADTOOLS HTML5 Viewer is the most sophisticated and fully-featured zero footprint medical viewer on the market.

  • View one or more studies using various study viewer layouts
  • Custom series level and study level layout options
  • Load and Save DICOM Annotations (Softcopy Presentation State and Compound Graphic Object)
  • DICOM Cine
  • Display DICOM Waveform data
  • Study timeline
  • Drag and Drop support for image series
  • Automated Patient Orientation
  • Apply image processing and manipulation to a single frame or entire series
  • New image processing and annotation features
  • Extended options for users, roles and permissions
And of course, all of this works flawlessly on any desktop, tablet and mobile device that supports HTML5. There are many more features than I could list here and I would suggest checking them out with our live online demo!

Otis Goodwin

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  1. RAGHUNATH says:

    I would like to know the work flow and How to implement it with sdk”s provided for html5 web based dicom viewer …..

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