New CodeProject Article: Zero Footprint OCR with LEADTOOLS HTML5

Performing Optical Character Recognition (OCR) on mobile devices has always been a challenge due to the minimal processing power and storage space. However, with LEADTOOLS’ new HTML5 viewer and RESTful Web Services, it’s easier than ever. Take a look at our latest CodeProject article which covers how to display an image in our HTML5 Image Viewer control and call our OCR RESTful Web Service to perform either zonal or full-page OCR.

Another awesome feature I’ve yet to cover on our blog is the HTML5 Viewer’s RubberBand interactive mode. In this demo we allow the user to select a rectangle on the image, handle the event and then pass that rectangle as a zone to the OCR service. This event works flawlessly with both touchscreen finger swipe and mouse click and drag input and couldn’t have been easier to create a fast, powerful, truly cross platform OCR application.

Otis Goodwin

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