Version 22 Update: Added support for .NET 7, eSignatures, Medical Web Viewer Updates and More!

We’re kicking off this New Year with a Version 22 update! Previously we released the Document Editor SDK with Speech Recognition, ID Reader SDK, and added support for PDF form fields, and now we’re happy to announce another exciting update to LEADTOOLS Version 22 and our entire product line.

Highlighting this release is support for .NET 7, the ability to add eSignatures to documents and PDFs, as well as various notable updates to the Medical Web Viewer control including two brand new demos.

.NET 7 Support

Just last month, Microsoft announced the availability of .NET 7 and it has been well received within the developer community. As a long-time Microsoft partner, we’ve supported .NET 7 since its release via our Nugets. With this update, we’re pleased to share that all of our Recognition, Document, Imaging, and Multimedia libraries and binaries as well as our fully-sourced demos are built with .NET 6+ as the target runtime.

Document Updates including NEW eSignature support

Programmers leveraging the LEADTOOLS Document Viewer in their applications are able to view, convert, compose, edit, compare and now also sign documents. With the NEW eSignature support, developers can easily add simple electronic signatures to documents and PDFs. For those looking to take verification and security further, this can be combined with our certificate-based digital signature support for advanced electronic signatures that guarantee the document has not been manipulated.

Try it out for yourself! You can run the Document Viewer demo in Design Mode to add your own signatories and eSignature fields or run the demo with sample signatories and eSignature fields already incorporated. We also have great tutorials that walk-through how to add a an eSignature to a document in a C# .NET 6 application and how to add a digital signature certificate to a document.

Further updates to the Document Engine and Document File Formats include:

  • .NET binaries that work with .NET 7 are now included in the toolkit and the .NET demos now target .NET6+ runtime by default.
  • Added ability to extract, write, replace, and delete existing JavaScript inside PDF documents.
  • Added support for the creation of documents with more than 10,000 pages.
  • Enhancements for HTML, DOCX, DOC and RTF writers (clip path, shapes, and text).
  • Rendering enhancements for HTML, PST, MSG and EML filters.
  • Rendering enhancements for Charts (including titles and legends).
  • Optimized WPF D2D classes to leverage the latest DirectX Direct2D hardware acceleration features.
  • The Xamarin Camera Control for Android now utilizes the latest native camera APIs.
  • Added read support for Excel Binary Workbook (XLSB) file format.
  • Added Java support for the ID Reader SDK.

Recognition Updates

The LEADTOOLS Barcode SDK received significant speed and detection optimizations for all QR Barcode types with major enhancements made to the detection of perspective distorted and skewed QR barcodes for all modules and versions.

Our AI-Powered OCR SDK has led the industry for decades with the most accurate and lightning-fast text recognition available. This latest update once again proves why, with notable recognition optimizations for:

  • Italic fonts
  • Uppercase and lowercase letters
  • Text line assembling and word construction
  • Column Detection
  • Baseline detection and text line segmentation

Medical Web Viewer Control Updates

The Medical Web Viewer now has new methods for loading DICOM files that use inputs defined by the DICOM Specification. This allows users to use the MWV Control to communicate with the front-end to the back-end using the DICOM standard and DICOMWeb. These load method inputs are:

  • Array DICOM JSON Instances – a standard DICOM JSON model described in PS3.18.F.2 of DICOM Specification
  • Instance Resource – an instance resource is returned by DICOMWeb QIDO-RS (described in PS3. of DICOM Specification). This makes it easy to use the LEAD medical viewer control with any standard DICOMWeb implementation
  • Basic Structured Display as DICOM JSON

Check out these helpful tutorials for more information on how to Configure and Run the LEADTOOLS DicomWeb WADO Service which can then be used to Retrieve and Display DICOM Images Stored in a PACS/SQL Database. The stored DICOM files are returned as a JSON response to parse in a HTML/JavaScript front-end application.

With this update, we’ve also introduced two new demos:
  • The LEADTOOLS DICOM Watchdog demo is an application and Windows Service that monitors the health of a LEADTOOLS DICOM Listening service. The DICOM Watchdog can be configured to automatically restart the LEADTOOLS DICOM Listening service if it is no longer processing DICOM Messages.
  • The LEADTOOLS HL7 Relay demo is an HL7 Listener that can efficiently process large volumes of HL7 messages and quickly route the HL7 message to one or many locations.

Multimedia Updates

We have expanded support in the LEADTOOLS Multimedia SDK toolkit and demos for .NET6+. Other updates include: added support in the MXF Demultiplexer for MXF Generic Container video streams with H.264 video format, a size limit increase to above 2GB of burning data in our DVDBurner, the ability for the MPEG-2 Transport and H.264 Decoders to handle video resolution changes while running, as well as added support for NULL output to our capture module, CUDA lossless format in the H.265 encoder, and H.265 encoded camera streams.

Imaging Updates

Last but not least, we have also added support throughout our Imaging SDKs for .NET 6+ along with new read and write support for Web Picture (WebP).

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