LEADTOOLS Doc Scanner App: A Full Document Scanner at Your Fingertips!

Here at LEAD, we spend most of our time creating innovative technologies and packaging them into SDKs to help developers easily integrate powerful features within their end-user applications. To showcase pieces of what’s possible using LEADTOOLS, we also like to dabble in some end-user application development ourselves!

One such application is the LEADTOOLS Doc Scanner App (available in the App Store and Google Play Store). Run, don’t walk, to get this app and tell all your friends about it along the way. Not only is it completely FREE, but it combines the award-winning power of the LEADTOOLS Recognition, Document, and Imaging engines to give you the ability to do anything imaginable with a document, all from your smartphone!

The Doc Scanner App is built using the LEADTOOLS Document Viewer SDK. It is intended to show developers some of the many capabilities they can integrate into their own applications using LEADTOOLS, including:

  • Extract, select, copy & paste the text from any document or image taken from your phone’s camera or photo gallery for editing and sharing using LEADTOOLS OCR
  • Convert documents into many different formats including PDF, PDF/A, DOCX, RTF, and more
  • Highlight, redact, comment, and edit the document with the various annotations found in the app, including note, text, geometric shapes, rulers, audio, and video
  • Text-to-Speech “Speak” option for phone playback of extracted text
  • Merge multiple documents, with an option to either keep or delete the old ones
  • Use the Intelligent Select Area option that allows you to select an area of an image that has both text and graphic and intelligently extract the text
  • Specialized annotations for document images: high, strikethrough, underline, and redact
  • Supports Barcode Recognition including UPC, EAN, Code 128, QR Code, Data Matrix, PDF417, Aztec, and Maxi
  • And so much more!

This is just one of the many free applications we have in the App Store and Google Play Store that not only serve as useful tools for your device, but also demonstrate that using LEADTOOLS in your app can pass the stringent approval processes required by mobile device app stores.

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