DataOps Day Recap with Video: Islands of Data in Healthcare and How LEADTOOLS & MiPACS Can Help

On August 16th, 2023 our Head of Business Development & Healthtech, Scott Mallonee, was a speaker at DataOps Day. This is a one-day virtual event where data and business leaders came together to discuss latest in data security, quality, and speed. It was a great event!

Watch Scott’s presentation about the Islands of Data in Healthcare Organizations below:

Scott Mallonee | DataOps Day LIVE! from Techstrong.TV on Vimeo.

How LEADTOOLS and MiPACS Help Fix Islands of Data

As Scott mentions, LEADTOOLS Medical and PACS SDKs help healthcare application developers build comprehensive PACS systems that keep patient and employee data secure and easily accessible. Developers who integrate DICOM Communications are able to query, retrieve, and store DICOM data sets and pixel data between PACS clients and servers. Download LEADTOOLS for free to see how you can build entire DICOM applications and PACS solutions with our easy to use, low and high-level components.

Not a developer? Medicor Imaging, a division of LEAD, offers the industry’s leading DICOM-compliant imaging solution, MiPACS. Built using LEADTOOLS Medical SDKs, MiPACS provides hospitals, clinics, dental practices, and universities with a single application for imaging throughout an entire enterprise network. MiPACS allows healthcare organizations to reliably and securely centralize all data. It is the only imaging system needed to acquire, process, centrally store, view, and analyze digital images. MiPACS seamlessly integrates with over 150+ devices, giving users the freedom to use any capture device and remain compatible and compliant with industry standards. Interested in learning more? Visit or schedule a demo!


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