AIIM 2023 Recap: Making Document Management The New “Big Easy”

Presenting the Ultimate Document Management Solution in the Big Easy (aka New Orleans) at AIIM23 just makes sense when you think about how easy an SDK like LEADTOOLS can make a developer’s life. Packaging up innovative and comprehensive technologies into low-code, easy to integrate controls that help developers streamline their application development is what we do best at LEAD – and we love doing it!

Opening Day and Solutions Showcase Demo

The first day at AIIM was filled with energy, excitement, and great conversations with attendees about existing workflows, upcoming projects, and how LEADTOOLS can be used within both of those. We had the chance to talk to numerous CEOs, IT Managers, and Records Management Officers, all within the Document and Information Management space.

Tommy and Ryan stayed busy demoing LEADTOOLS to all in attendance – There was a ton of interest in our demos and all the offerings that LEADTOOLS has to offer!

Later in the day, Tommy and I had a Solutions Showcase Demo and were able to present LEADTOOLS and the numerous possibilities there are for integrating our Document SDK technology into many organizational day-to-day workflows. We highlighted the Document Viewer, Document Editor, eSignatures, and unveiled two brand new end-user applications; the LEAD Preview Handler, and LEAD QuickShot. These applications are super helpful tools for users and show developers how simple it is to use LEADTOOLS to create complex applications. The AIIM attendees loved them and were able to download them for free before LEAD releases them for public sale! (If you were at AIIM and didn’t get your copy of these two new applications, please reach out to to receive yours today!)

Connecting Attendees to LEADTOOLS and Enjoying NOLA

The second day was filled with thought-provoking conversations. It was great to connect with so many attendees and learn about the pain points in their workflows and what brought them to AIIM. For example, we discussed with someone from a financial institution about how to create a solution with LEADTOOLS OCR that would eliminate the need to open Adobe for all of their files just to capture a small amount of text. Or how we helped a team from a government agency realize that by integrating LEADTOOLS Forms Recognition and Processing they could ensure that any forms or images scanned in from their employees out at a job sites are easily converted to a searchable file type that allows for all the information to be easily extracted and stored. Almost everyone at AIIM was working towards a more modern and digitized workspace, and it was fun to discuss with so many people the different ways integrating LEADTOOLS can expedite that process!

That evening, we were greeted with a New Orleans Jazz band that led everyone outside to a local High School marching band! We were all led down the street parading and celebrating as one does when in New Orleans. The team had a great time at the after-conference function filled with a live band, gumbo, fried shrimp, and some amazing mac and cheese! It was a great New Orleans experience.

Of course, we had to take in the sights and sounds of Bourbon Street, Café Du Monde, and some of the local wildlife while not at the conference. It was a blast being down in New Orleans for AIIM and we can’t wait to see where LEADTOOLS can take the developer world next!

Be sure to download the LEADTOOLS evaluation to get access to the full set of libraries of LEADTOOLS for 60 days. You’ll also get access to our support team even while evaluating! What are you waiting for?

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