New White Paper: Implementing a Standardized PDF/A Document Storage System with LEADTOOLS

This month’s white paper is an extremely practical one. In fact, we even had a few conversations with customers at last week’s HIMSS conference about this very subject. Document archival has been around for quite a while now, but as archives grow and systems become more spread out and the client device ecosystem is much more diverse, standardizing your document archival system is becoming critical.

If you have need for end-to-end PDF and PDF/A functionality including OCR, Virtual Printing, HTML5 viewing and more, you will benefit greatly from our March white paper!

Implementing a Standardized PDF/A Document Storage System with LEADTOOLS
Electronic document archival has evolved far beyond the simple days of scanning a paper document and saving it as an image or PDF. Nowadays, many documents don’t even start in physical form and could be one of many open or proprietary formats. Adding to the disparity caused by varying file formats is how and where files are stored. Many enterprises have their documents spread around numerous “data islands” including local computers, networked file shares and cloud services. This white paper will explore how to take full advantage of PDF/A as your universal document storage format by using the state of the art technology within LEADTOOLS Document Imaging SDKs.

We have also published this white paper on The CodeProject if you would like to read it in an online format.

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