Optimize a PDF in C# and Java

Depending on your needs and data type, the term “optimize” can have several meanings. It can mean to optimize the size of the PDF file or it can mean to organize the data within the PDF file for a specific purpose such as web viewing. Thankfully with LEADTOOLS, several PDF optimization methods are available depending on your situation.

Optimize the file size of PDF files

The following C# and Java code snippets optimize the PDF compression. It bases the compression type on the data type.

C# code

private static void OptimizePdfCompression(string sourcePdfPath, string destinationPdfPath)
    var pdfFile = new PDFFile(sourcePdfPath) {
        OptimizerOptions = new PDFOptimizerOptions {
            AutoOptimizerMode = PDFAutoOptimizerMode.Customized,

            ColorImageDownsamplingMode = PDFDownsamplingMode.Bicubic,
            ColorImageDownsampleFactor = 2.0,
            ColorImageDPI = 150,
            ColorImageCompression = RasterImageFormat.Jpx,

            GrayImageDownsamplingMode = PDFDownsamplingMode.Bicubic,
            GrayImageDownsampleFactor = 2.0,
            GrayImageDPI = 150,
            GrayImageCompression = RasterImageFormat.Jpeg,

            MonoImageDownsamplingMode = PDFDownsamplingMode.Bicubic,
            MonoImageDownsampleFactor = 2.0,
            MonoImageDPI = 150,
            MonoImageCompression = RasterImageFormat.Jbig2,

            EmbedAllFonts = true,
            SubsetFonts = true


Java code

private static void optimizePdfCompression(String sourcePdfPath, String destinationPdfPath) throws Exception {
    // Set the options for the PDF optimization
    final var options = new PDFOptimizerOptions();





    // Load the PDF file
    final var pdfFile = new PDFFile(sourcePdfPath);

    // Optimize the PDF document

Read more about the PDFOptimizerOptions class.

Optimize a PDF file for the web

A PDF file can be for optimized web viewing. When the PDF is saved for the web, the data should be organized in a way that is optimal for streaming so the PDF can be viewed as the data is received instead of waiting for the entire file to be downloaded.

The following line of C# code will optimize PDF compression for web viewing.

C# code

new PDFFile(sourcePdfPath).Linearize(destinationPdfPath);

Java code

new PDFFile(sourcePdfPath).linearize(destinationPdfPath);

Read more about the Linearize method.

With LEADTOOLS at your disposal, you can optimize any aspect of your PDF files.

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