Convert a Word Document to PDF

Following up on my last post, Convert an Image to Black & White PDF, I have updated the project to include a third method that converts document and vector formats to PDF. This conversion uses SVG as an intermediate format and does not require OCR, which results in perfect text accuracy.

Download the project

What it Does

This C# .NET 4 console application shows how to use LEADTOOLS to convert a Word Doc to document-based PDF, as well as convert an image to black & white raster-based and document-based PDF files.

Features Used


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5 Responses to Convert a Word Document to PDF

  1. Star Ford says:

    I’m interested in converting text and word formats to PDF in memory.

    Is your newly added method ExportPdfViaSvg? Can it be made to work on byte arrays instead of disk files?

  2. Antonio Cristian says:

    this article is very good and helpful, thanks for sharing.

  3. dev says:

    the download link doesn’t seem to work

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