New White Paper: Using LEADTOOLS OCR to Enhance Google Drive Search

Back by popular demand are LEAD white papers! There are many ways that we here at LEAD get the word out on how to use LEADTOOLS to create real-world solutions including this blog, CodeProject articles, support forums, code tips and the like. Lately we have had some requests for more in depth examples and solutions using LEADTOOLS which are best suited for a white paper format. So without further ado, here’s a description of our first white paper in the upcoming series:

Using LEADTOOLS OCR to Enhance Google Drive Search
Google Drive is a wonderful service for storing, organizing and sharing files such as documents, photos and videos. However, TIFF and other raster image file formats can get easily lost because of the limited search capabilities. With LEADTOOLS, developers can use its OCR SDK to extract the text and then add it to the IndexableTextData for each item.

This white paper is also available as a CodeProject article. If you have any subject you would like to see covered in a future white paper, contact support and let us know!

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