New Article on The CodeProject: Multi-Platform OCR with LEADTOOLS 18

With the recent release of Version 18, there is much to show off. I can’t think of a better way than to dive into the new LEADTOOLS Anywhere™ libraries on The CodeProject. Check out our latest article in which we introduce Version 18 to The CodeProject community and show how to use OCR to extract text from an image on multiple platforms: .NET, WinRT, iOS, OS X and Android.

Our existing .NET customers are already aware of how simple it is to OCR an image to searchable text in only a few lines of code, but did you know we brought that same programmer-friendliness to all of the new Anywhere™ platforms? One of the most impressive things about LEADTOOLS Anywhere™ is how hard our engineers worked to construct each development interface as similar as possible, making it easy to port your applications to multiple native platforms with less time and a greater ROI.


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