New White Paper: Reading and Processing Checks with LEADTOOLS

In this month’s white paper, we’re covering one of the most practical and popular new features from LEADTOOLS Version 19: Check Processing. In the few short months that LEADTOOLS V19 has been available, there have been a considerable number of companies deploying this advanced technology into new applications.

At first glance, LEADTOOLS’ check scanning technology may appear limited in scope due to the claim that checks are obsolete, but our customers are proving its versatility in many innovative ways. Keep reading to find out how it’s being used, how LEADTOOLS image processing is making it possible to use low quality images from mobile devices, and how easy it is to include all of this in your application!

Reading and Processing Checks with LEADTOOLS
As much as credit cards and digital wallets have tried to take over, checks are still a very prevalent and practical way to make payments and financial transactions. However, just because consumers and businesses are still relying on traditional, paper-based financial transactions doesn’t mean that technology can’t streamline deposits and improve customer satisfaction. How are financial institutions implementing these features? And what benefits are there for other businesses not in the financial sector? LEADTOOLS includes a robust Check Scanning and Processing SDK that combines MICR and OCR to process checks and is already being used by a number of applications across banking, insurance and retail industries.

If you would like to read it in an online format, we have also published this white paper on The CodeProject.

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