New White Paper: Improving Forms Recognition Results with Automated Alignment

Forms recognition is a common requirement for document imaging projects. Therefore it is no surprise that there are many companies and services that provide a solution for it. With that in mind, what sets LEADTOOLS apart? Forms alignment is one of the key features that catapults LEADTOOLS Forms Recognition above other products because it offers the best accuracy across the widest gamut of devices and documents.

We have had a number of customers approach us with documents that, to the human eye, appeared to be clean and properly scanned. However, the results still failed to return accurate results. In some cases, the exact same piece of paper would produce offbeat results when using different scanners. In the following white paper we will explain several alignment problems which LEADTOOLS can automatically correct and produce better accuracy than the competition. Click the link below to read this new white paper:

Improving Forms Recognition Results with Automated Alignment
If you have been involved in the development of a document management application or process, you have probably run across a requirement to add, or interface with, forms recognition. It is also likely you have been frustrated with the accuracy of the results. Forms recognition and processing is a complicated procedure with an infinite number of variables and factors contributing to the accuracy of the extracted fields. However, few variables carry as much weight or significance as form alignment.

This white paper is also available on CodeProject.

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