New White Paper: Invoice Forms Recognition and Processing

Have you ever been working on a zonal OCR project only to discover that the scanned documents were too different from the original document for OCR to be of any practical use? Some differences such as resolution and skew angle can be algorithmically corrected, but what if the zones themselves change in size? What if the data you want to capture is tabular in nature and has an unknown number of rows?

LEADTOOLS introduced its Invoice Recognition and Processing SDK technology in Version 19 to address this very problem. To learn more, check out our latest white paper which explains how to set up and use LEADTOOLS to recognize data from unstructured documents, invoices and more.

Unstructured Invoice Recognition and Processing with LEADTOOLS
There is no doubt that imaging technologies such as forms recognition and OCR have revolutionized the way we do business and have freed up countless man-hours from the tedious and error-prone task of data entry. However, these technologies still rely on the assumption that the data will be located in the same place on every document. Unstructured forms and scanned documents such as invoices, bills and tabs are notoriously difficult, if not impossible, to process on a large scale within an automated system. This is no longer the case after the release of LEADTOOLS Version 19 and its advanced Invoice Recognition and Processing SDK technology.

If you would like to read it in an online format, we have also published this white paper on The CodeProject.

You can also watch a video highlighting these frameworks on our YouTube channel!

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