New White Paper: Automatically Classify Scanned Documents using LEADTOOLS Forms Recognition

Today we have released a new white paper which explains in great detail how to use our Forms Recognition and Processing to automatically classify a folder of documents. It describes a common problem where time and energy is lost through the organization of scanned or paperless bank statements, invoices and other documents, and how easy it is to solve it with LEADTOOLS. Our imaging SDKs are used in scenarios like this day in and day out, helping people and businesses be more efficient, organized and utilize their time on more enjoyable or productive tasks. It also offers several suggestions on how to enhance the basic application provided to achieve even greater things like cloud integration and large scale operations!

Automatically Classify Scanned Documents using LEADTOOLS Forms Recognition
Document imaging is certainly saving trees and physical storage space, but in some situations it fails to save much time or hassle. Opting in to paperless statements or manually scanning paper documents yourself is a great way to archive all of your bills, invoices, financial statements and the like. However, it still requires a fair amount of time and energy to thoughtfully organize the documents in your digital filing cabinet. Imagine being able to drop all of your scanned documents into a single folder and have all the work of moving and renaming the files in a logical, consistent manner done automatically. LEADTOOLS Forms Recognition and Processing fits the bill perfectly with its high level, flexible and powerful imaging libraries.

This white paper is also published as a Code Project article from which you can download the full sample project.

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