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Connect the Digital Dots: Text Detection on LCD Displays Using LEADTOOLS Image Processing SDK

Digital number recognition from LCD displays can be a challenge when it comes to recognizing seven-segment or dot-matrix displays. This is because the lines in the numbers do not actually connect when forming the number. When performing OCR on images … Continue reading

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Resize an Entire Folder of Images

This morning I was given a folder of more than 100 screenshots of our various demos. I needed these to update our website. Unfortunately, most of them were too large for the page and needed to be resized. I quickly … Continue reading

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Detect and Redact MICR and CMC7 Font to Hide Check Information

Very few individuals like their personal information shared and I guarantee no one likes private information from documents being shared either. Images of financial documents, such as checks, are sent across large companies every day. In a world where anything … Continue reading

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Adjusting Image Tones to Improve OCR Results

Tonal range is an important attribute of an image, especially photographs, when trying to improve OCR results. Tonal range is the range of tones between the lightest and darkest areas of an image and is also known as contrast. An … Continue reading

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Do it in the Buffer: Introduction to Dithering

I recently became intrigued by some art work I saw online. It is a bunch of Rubik’s cubes set up to reproduce a picture. The artists are essentially reducing the image’s colors down to a palette of six colors with … Continue reading

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