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Convert PDF to JPEG Using C#, VB, and Java Code

Our support department recently responded to a request for a code sample to convert PDF to JPEG. The customer needed to leverage LEADTOOLS to split and convert thousands of PDF files into single page JPEGs. JPEG images are universal and … Continue reading

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Convert Multi-page TIFF to Searchable PDF in C#, Java, and C

It is tax season in the US. My CPA wants all of my supporting documentation to be saved as PDF, but I saved all as one multi-page TIFF when I scanned them. Fortunately, I have access to LEADTOOLS OCR. In … Continue reading

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Get Ready for Version 21 PDF SDK: Reduced Memory, Faster Rendering, Better Quality & More!

If you haven’t heard yet, LEADTOOLS Version 21 is coming soon! It might just be your first time visiting our blog if this is news to you because we’ve certainly been spilling the beans in excitement and anticipation. Today, we’re … Continue reading

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Convert Images to Searchable PDF with OCR in C#

PDFs are used virtually everywhere and by everyone these days. Throughout most organizations, PDF documents are vital to business applications and workflows. Many industries such as insurance agencies, financial institutions, and legal practices have standardized their document management systems on … Continue reading

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Split Pages from PDFs in C#

The other day, I received a PDF that was almost 50 pages long. After I received the PDF, it turns out that I only needed to keep 4 of those pages on file. Using the LEADTOOLS PDF SDK, I was … Continue reading

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