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New Handwriting Recognition & Mixed Zone Recognition Libraries in LEADTOOLS Version 21

There is a great and growing need for people and organizations to be able to quickly recognize and extract data from documents, images, and forms that are filled with varying areas of machine printed text, handwriting, graphics, and more (think: … Continue reading

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Never Worry About Reading a Handwritten Document Again!

ICR, or Intelligent Character Recognition, is an advanced Artificial Intelligence technology that is usually quite difficult to master. Not for long! With the upcoming release of LEADTOOLS Version 21, our brand new, machine vision-powered ICR engine will make recognizing handwritten … Continue reading

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Tutorial: Auto Recognize and Process a Form

Processing forms and invoices are a large part of many companies day-to-day workflow. When a copy of a form is filled out by a person and scanned back into the company, that information then needs to be extracted. Many OCR … Continue reading

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Data Capture, Recognition, Exchange & More in Today’s Remote Work World

Organizations all over the world are quickly adapting to their employees working remotely right now. Many programmers are hurrying to develop solutions to help keep teams working and exchanging information in effective new ways. Luckily, LEADTOOLS can help. LEAD is … Continue reading

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Use LEADTOOLS OCR to Store Text from Screenshots to the Clipboard

Continuing off of my previous blog post about using LEADTOOLS OCR to save screenshots as searchable PDFs, this post demonstrates how to extract the text from those screenshots and store it back into your clipboard as plain text. Like I … Continue reading

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