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Append Multiple Images to a PDF in C/C++

Recently we posted about how to convert PDF to JPEG and converting multi-page TIFF to PDF. A customer recently asked how one might add multiple images to a PDF. Luckily, LEADTOOLS supports more than 150 raster, vector, and document file … Continue reading

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Print Any File in C# .NET

Creating an application to print files can be difficult. Luckily, LEADTOOLS supports rasterizing and rendering various file formats via a Windows service or console application. The project below can print any of LEAD’s 150+ supported file formats.

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Convert PDF to Text in C#, VB, and Java

While PDF files are flexible and portable, unfortunately they are not always searchable. In fact, a very common request is for the ability to parse text from PDFs. Luckily, LEADTOOLS OCR Engine makes extracting searchable text from PDF files a … Continue reading

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Compare Documents & Images with LEADTOOLS Document Compare Tool

The ability to compare changes made to documents or images of documents is vital when working within a team or with clients. Quickly integrate multi-format document comparison technology using LEADTOOLS Zero-footprint Document Compare solution. This interactive comparison navigator allows user … Continue reading

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Forms Processing API Tutorial: Recognize and Process a Form

Automate your data entry problems away with a state-of-the-art forms processing API. Whether you’re working with customer surveys, tax documents, or billing records every industry uses forms daily to conduct business. Moving data from a paper to a digital medium … Continue reading

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