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Reading and Writing AAMVA Barcodes on Driver’s Licenses

One highly practical new feature in LEADTOOLS Version 20 is the parsing of AAMVA barcodes. If you’re not familiar, the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) created a standard for those barcodes on the back of your driver’s license. … Continue reading

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Old App? No Problem. Mobilize.Net and LEADTOOLS Team Up

Do you have any old (sorry, legacy) applications that need upgrading? I don’t just mean something you developed with .NET 2.0…how about VB6? Go ahead, raise your hand, this is a judgement-free zone! Mobilize.Net and LEADTOOLS teamed up to tackle … Continue reading

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LEADTOOLS Version 20 is Here! (Part 2)

Yesterday, we introduced LEADTOOLS Version 20 and its new development platforms to you. Today we’re diving into the features. Overall, the toolkit is faster and more efficient, and major areas of focus in this release were the Recognition Engines, Document … Continue reading

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LEADTOOLS Version 20 is Here!

After a lot of planning, developing, and all the goodness that goes into software development, it’s with great joy that we get to introduce LEADTOOLS Version 20 to you! In the first post of our two-part blog announcement, we’ll cover … Continue reading

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Microsoft Connect(); 2017 Live Stream – Watch Here!

Microsoft Connect(); 2017 is an exciting event and resource for developers focusing on building apps for the future. Join Microsoft’s Cloud Chief, Scott Guthrie, and other top developer minds for the latest in open source technologies, Azure, Data, AI, DevOps, … Continue reading

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Product Review: Cross-Platform HTML5 Compliant Medical Imaging with LEADTOOLS

We love when developers give us feedback on our products. Feedback comes in many forms: tweets, emails, chats, feature requests, reviews, etc. Today, we’re happy to share with you a review of our HTML5 Zero-Footprint Medical Viewer which is included … Continue reading

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Compressing DICOM Files with LEADTOOLS

It’s easy to take compression for granted with the availability of cheap storage. Many of the common file formats used in many applications are intrinsically compressed as well, like JPEGs and PNGs. However, when you get into the Medical Imaging … Continue reading

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