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Repurpose Content with ASP.NET Layout Pages

I was recently tasked with updating all of our product descriptions on the MSDN Marketplace site. The requirements were to make sure that all of the product descriptions matched our website exactly and that all of the links included a … Continue reading

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Evernote Backup Automation

As I mentioned in a previous post, I am in the process of "Going Paperless." I have decided to use Evernote as my digital repository. (I love the tags!!) One important requirement of my new information repository system is that … Continue reading

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My Paperless Journey Begins

After more than 20 years of working for a company that produces the leading document imaging SDK and a card carrying member of AIIM, I finally decided that it was time to personally go paperless. There are many motivations behind … Continue reading

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Protect Personal Information with LEADTOOLS

The protection of privacy is at the forefront of concerns for many organizations that need to distribute information. One way to do this is to redact private information from an image or document before releasing it. Recently we had a … Continue reading

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Build a .NET Core Image Conversion MicroService with LEADTOOLS

Clone source from GitHub Download source from GitHub Introduction This post describes how to use LEADTOOLS (Windows or Linux) in .NET Core to convert almost any image to a PNG. This service can be used to display non-standard files in … Continue reading

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Preprocess and OCR Small [Low Resolution] Images

Low-resolution images can come from a variety of sources, but the most common source is probably screen capture. Screen capture images are usually 96 DPI on Windows. (This can vary depending on the user settings). Additionally, image representations of incoming … Continue reading

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Convert Faxes Embedded in PDF to TIF

Even today there are many organizations that rely on fax as a required form of communications. Because of this, receiving faxes is a requirement that much still be met. To do this, many organizations utilize fax services either hosted locally … Continue reading

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