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Note: Clients who wish to hire these developers need to own the LEADTOOLS toolkit and application license for the application being developed.

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Fischer Scientific Brightwaters, New York
(631) 665 7585
Bob has been designing and building image enabled software systems since 1992. The company specializes in Microsoft family product development. He collaborated on the first document management systems installed by The World Bank and Goldman, Sachs & Co. Recently the focus has been on smaller businesses. The LEADTOOLS toolkit has been successful in building efficient scan and view systems, highly integrated with accounting and enterprise resource planning software. These systems are cost effective and easy to use. Product examples and case histories are on the company website,
Contact: Bob Fischer

Camas Imaging Group Portland, Oregon and Boise, Idaho, and Pacific Northwest
(360) 833-2003
Recent (LEADTOOLS 15.x) and extensive LEADTOOLS imaging toolkit use, including recent experience with LEADTOOLS toolkit on a multimedia video capture/play application for a digital video company, a large Windows "shrink wrap" desktop imaging software application suite at a major International Fortune 500 company, as well as numerous smaller custom applications. Experience with LEADTOOLS libraries used in conjunction with Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2005, C#, Win Forms, Visual C++, COM/ATL components, LEADTOOLS SDK and class library, and LEADTOOLS ActiveX control used with C# .NET, Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0, and HTML/JavaScript.  Extensive graphical user interface (GUI) development using LEADTOOLS and various Windows GUI’s.  A partial list of specific areas of LEADTOOLS toolkit expertise include: image file I/O, file format conversion, multi-page file support, LEADTOOLS/Microsoft/custom common dialogs, image manipulation, annotation support, scanning, printing, and video capture/play.  Considerable expertise in the area of LEADTOOLS TWAIN and Microsoft Windows Imaging Architecture (WIA/STI) scanning / image acquisition including ADF support.  Also, multi vendor Optical Character Recognition (OCR) integration, Adobe PDF output, MAPI email interface integration, WinFax FAX integration, Microsoft DirectShow support, and complete international/localization support for LEADTOOLS software.  Have relevant experience with Medical Imaging applications, including DICOM.  Extensive experience with large scale remote software development and am willing to travel.  Contact: Darwin DeVore

John Collett St. Louis, MO.
Began developing using Visual Basic in 1992 and used LEADTOOLS SDKs to develop an application to capture, store and retrieve "Proof of Delivery (POD)" documents for distributors. The application makes use of the TWAIN scanning drivers, OCR, document enhancement, display features, printing and PDF capabilities. Currently building new applications on the VB.Net platform and interested in expanding my LEADTOOLS projects.

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